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Pokemon FR/LG FAQ

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Pokémon FireRed and Leaf Green FAQ

Basic Information
• Enabling the Mystery Gift

You need to have obtained the PokéDex from Professor Oak or Professor Birch, depending on your game.
1.Go to any questionnaire (a piece of paper) at the Pokémon Mart. Press A and get into the input dialog.

2.Fill the phrases "LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL" into the questionnaire. Select OK and finish the phrase.

3.Mystery Gift should be activated. Save and reset.
4.Connect the Wireless Adapter.
6.Select Wonder Card and wait.
•Changes since Ruby and Sapphire

1.The PokéDex has categories to find Pokémon by Habitat, Size, Weight, etc.
2.When you enter a special area, you get a "first-person view" of that area. (Such as when you enter Viridian Forest, or Mt. Moon.)
3.The font has been changed for the better, no more icky Ruby and Sapphire omigod-why-is-this-so-ugly font.
4.The game comes with a Wireless Adapter, which is compatible with Emerald, but not Ruby and Sapphire.
5.The addition of a Battle Tower.
Sevii/Rainbow Islands
The first three islands are accessible after beating the seventh gym (Blaine) and receiving the Tri-Pass from Bill. The last four are only accesible after beating the Elite 4, getting the National Dex, and retrieving the Ruby and Sapphire Plates. (Celio will give you the Rainbow Pass.)

Japanese Name / English Name
•Knot Island / One Island
Located on this island is the center which allows you to trade with Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Colosseum and XD. Moltres is now found here.
•Boon Island / Two Island
On this island you will find: a Move Tutor (Move Maniac), and a Wireless Adaptor game corner.
•Kin Island / Three Island
On this island there is a girl you need to save, after saving her you will be able to access this above mentioned game corner. Also available on this island are Dunsparce (yaaay!).. but not untill after you beat the Elite 4.
•Floe Island / Four Island
Only things of note on this island are the Day-Care Center, and Icefall Cave - where you can help Lorelai stop Team Rocket.
•Chrono Island / Five Island
There is too much happening on this Island for me to write down, so here is a copypasted excerpt from the old thread:"This is a really eventful island. Team Rocket has settled here, ready for you to defeat them once again. But their door is locked. Retrieve the Sapphire Plate when it is stolen from a cave in Island 6.

Also, this is the area where you can obtain a Togepi egg. If you don't have a full party, go to an old man on the little Island of Water Labyrinth.

Also, at Resort Gorgeous, there's a house where Lady Selphy resides. However, she isn't there... so go to Lost Cave (just east of the Resort) to find her. This cave is very windingy and will get you lost, so from the main entrance follow the doors in this order: East, North, South, South, East, West, South, East, North. There, Selphy will be running around. She then will spot you and challenge you to battle with 2 Persians, out of her confusion in the fog. Once you defeat her, she will ask you to take her back to her house in Resort Gorgeous and then you will find yourself there later. Enter her house and she will ask to see a random Pokémon from your Dex.

You can do this numerous times by exiting, since she easily forgets who you are."
•Fortune Island / Six Island
On this Island there is a Altering Cave, which appears to only contain Zubat at first (oh joy..), however via use of the Mystery Gift or cheat codes you can obtain Aipom, Houndour, Pineco, and Shuckle, Smeargle, Stantler, and Teddiursa here as well.

Also on this Island is Pattern Bush, which contains Pokémon such as Ledyba, Spinarak and Heracross. Also the Dotted Hole is located here, which is where you would have normally found the Sapphire Plate - had Team Rocket not stolen it.
•Quest Island / Seven Island
On this Island you will find: a Battle Tower, a Sevault Canyon with high-level Pokémon, and the Tanoby Ruins! Where you only find Unown! AWESOME!

The last two islands are only available via cheat codes, or attending a Nintendo Event.
•Navel Rock
If you somehow find yourself with the event enabled and Mystic Ticket, on this island you will find Ho-Oh and Lugia. That's it.
•Birth Island
If you somehow find yourself with the event enabled and Aurora Ticket, on this island you will find Deoxys, awesome. There's a little puzzle you need to go threw to make him appear and all that jazz. In FireRed you will encounter Deoxys' attack form, and in LeafGreen his defense form.
Other Information
•A guide to the fame checker locations, as written by Simon. Found here in the old thread. (and some other neat information in that post as well!
•Here we have a guide to catch the Legendary Beasts from Johto by ShinyUmbreon:
"As you know, one of the legendary dogs randomly appear in Kanto according to your starter Pokémon.
Bulbasaur - Entei
Charmander - Suicune
Squirtle - Raikou

This is an easy way to find them.

Step 1: Fly to Viridian City.
Step 2: Go to Route 2 (North) until the entrance of the Viridian Forest.
Step 3: Enter the route house, then go out and walk into the grass for a short time using a repel. (Your first Pokémon should be below Lv40)
Step 4: Repeat Step 3 multiple times until you find it.

This should work because there are only 22 Routes where they can appear (3 are sea routes) so you would have to be pretty lucky to find one. But with this guide, you're sure to find it because its area totally resets each time you warp into a house or building. Finding it should be quick so keep walking just a short time and re-enter the building. This works with any building near the grass, so you can try in your own places. I use this place because I think it's the building nearest to the grass in all Kanto. Remember they will only appear in Kanto, not on the Sevii Islands."
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