Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire FAQ

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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire FAQ

Post by Steelix on Sun Jun 27, 2010 8:48 pm

This is a guide written for all the frequently asked questions on the boards such as the Regis and Mirage Island. Catching the other Legendaries will come in a later topic. I'll edit this as we add new guides. If you have a question, contact me. Check my profile for information, I can be reached via E-mail,AIM,YIM,MSN,or ICQ.

You can also PM Frostweaver or me if you have any questions.

Regi guide by Arcanine, edited by Kairi, Frostweaver
Latias guide brought to PC by Shuko
Mirage Island by Kairi.
Other Legendaries by Dr. itsy
(Rayquaza guide updated by Demonchaos916)
Pokeblock guide by Master Zangoose
PAR v3 Update FAQ by HellishHades
Breeding guide by Toothache
Base stats guide and Feebas/Milotic guide by Ice Demon
Effort Value and Pickup guide by Mr Cat Dog
All other guides by Demonchaos916

Mirage Island

Mirage Island is an Island found on Route 130, and appears when certain conditions are met…

Each time you catch or obtain a Pokémon, it's assigned a hidden "number". Let's say your Ralts has the number 1425.

Every day a random "number" is picked.

If the number of any of your Pokémon matches the chosen one of the day, Mirage Island appears. Talking to the old man will let you know if one of your party Pokémon is the right number. So, you need to bring all your Pokémon to him each day.

So, when the number 1425 is the number of the day, and you take your Ralts to him, he'll be able to see it. There's no way to know the actual number of the day nor your Pokémon's. You just have to check back with him everyday, bringing all your Pokémon to him.

Groudon and Kyogre

Throughout Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, you will occasionally have encounters with Team Magma and Aqua. In Pokemon Ruby, you will be facing Team Magma who is trying to revive Groudon and in Sapphire, you'll be facing Team Aqua who is searching for Kyogre.

Once either Kyogre or Groudon has been revived from stone, you can capture them in the Cave of Origin, which is in Sootopolis City. It's impossible to get lost in the cave. As there is only one path.

Save before battling it as you only get one shot at this. Just use a powerful Pokemon with False Swipe that can resist Kyogre/Groudon's attacks. Then toss balls at it when it's weak.

The Regis

The Pokémon you need are:

Relicanth and a Wailord.

Pokémon with :

Fly to Pacifidlog.

Go left and Surf, stay down near the bottom but not all the way. Keep going until you see a dark spot in the water. Go to that dark spot and use Dive, now you are under the water inside a room. Exit out of the room though the door. Now you’re in a tunnel. Keep going until you see a big rock. Go to the end of the tunnel and on the rock you will see writing on the rock. Use Dive here. Now you’re in a room with 10 stones it's just ABC... and so on. The wall at the end of the room it tells you to use Dig there. Now a door is there go in and you will see 7 stones the last one is the important one. It says first comes Relicanth last comes Wailord. What it means is put Relicanth first in your party and Wailord last when you enter the room and read the last stone. Then you hear three doors open and those are the three doors at the ruins were you can find Regice, Regirock and Registeel.


Fly to Dewford town and then go north and stay to the left. Keep going until you see a big island. Land on the island to the left, go past the island and go up until you see another island (It’s the island in the middle of 6 rocks). Regice is inside, Enter and press “A” on the wall.
”Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice” is what it says.
What it means is wait 2 minutes and the door will open.
Now you may enter and catch Regice.


You will need a Pokémon with Strength.
Item you need: Go-Goggles (you get them after you beat the 4th gym)
First you fly to Mauville city then, go north to Route 111 and Desert Ruins (you need a Pokémon with Rock Smash to get there). Keep going until you see the desert. Then go right and down until you see the Ruins. Go in and heard towards the wall. The wall says:
”Right, right, down, down, then use Strength.”
What it means is from the wall press right right down down and have your Pokémon use Strength.


You will need a Pokémon with Fly.

First Fly to Lilycove city then go west (left) until you go past route 121 and keep going until you get to route 120. Continue until you see stairs. Go up the stairs and keep proceeding up them until you see a cave. This is the Ancient tomb. Go in and press a next to the wall with the text, this is what the wall says:

“With new time, hope and love, aim to the sky in the middle.”
It means to go to the middle of the room and use Fly.


Shuko's (not really; I read it somewhere, but can't remember where) Method of Catching Latios/Latias

-Acro Bike
-At least 1 Defeat of the Elite 4
-At least 1 Max Repel
-Something hard and heavy that you can place on a single button of your GameBoy:P

Here's what you do. After you've defeated the E4, go to any patch of grass (really, it doesn't matter where) in Hoenn and use your Max Repel. Equip your Acro Bike. Then, place your heavy object on your Game Boy in such a way that it holds down only the B button. Watch the screen and make sure that your character is bunny hopping, but is remaining in the same spot. He is? Great. Now leave your Game Boy alone for an hour or two. No, I'm not kidding. Go away for a good long while, and then come back. Don't bother watching, 'cause this method usually takes time to work. Anyway, when you come back, you (Should) have run into Latios/Latias.

Here's why it works:
Latias/Latios works in much the same way that the Legendary dogs did in G/S/C. He/She changes regions frequently, and will do so even if you stay in one region all the time. This method works on the theory that, if you wait in one region long enough, he/she'll eventually meander into it, and then you'll encounter the wily Pokemon. The Max Repel will keep other Pokemon away from you, and the bunny hopping simulates walking through the grass without wasting steps and exhausting your Max Repel.

So now you should have run into the elusive Latios/Latias. What happens next is up to you. I always used a master ball, because I hate chasing them around. But if you want to do it the hard way, just remember that once you've run into Latios/Latias, you can track him/her but everytime you go to a different location the location for Lati@s will change - look at the area page for that Pokemon in your 'Dex. It'll show the current location of him/her. Of course, this is provided you don't make him/her faint. That's it, people. Happy hunting!



Rayquaza is atop Sky Pillar, which you cannot ascend until you beat the Elite Four. From Pacfidlog Town, go east and there will be an opening near the top of the rock walls. It's not that far away from the town and should take less than 20 seconds of traveling (assuming you don't run into any wild Pokemon). The new path should, from the opening in the rocks, go west then north to a cave. If it doesn't, you're in the wrong place.

Get through the cave (it's easy) to reach the tower itself. On the floors, there will be cracks on the tiles. if you step on them, you will fall down to the next floor. This is where you need the Mach Bike. Pick up some speed in the uncracked tiles and run right through the cracks. Avoid bumping into any walls or rocks as you will fall down if you bump into one by a crack. Save often so you don't have to keep redoing this. On the final floor, you'll notice a dead end at the end of the both with cracks. There'll be cracks ini the middle of the dead end and to the left and right. Run your bike to the ones in the middle and stop it there and fall through on purpose to reach a new path. Then just continue until you reach the top of the tower where Rayquaza will be.


Catching it is easy, the hard part is getting there. I suggest you practice your mach bike on cycling road before you head to sky tower.

With this Shedinja moveset...

False Swipe
Swords Dance
Shadow Ball

It is SIMPLE AND EASY, first use Shadow Ball, if it uses Fly use Protect, if it uses any other move, it won't effect you. The only thing in your way is it’s Rest!

Once it is down to one HP (Shadow Ball + False swipe) chuck Ultra Balls!

Note: Evolve Nincada at lvl 25, and it'll learn false swipe. Evolve Nincada then, and the Shedinja will carry over the Nincada moveset so it'll have false swipe. It can also pick up Swords dance from Ninjask =)

Eon Ticket and Southern Island

Both Lati@s can be captured in one game, but you need the Eon Ticket which was given out by Nintendo some time ago. Just use and E-reader to scan the Eon Ticket and you can take a boat to the island where either Latias or Latios (depending on your version, it'll be the other Lati@s you don't have, assuming you've already captured the one running around the place) will be. Once there, examine an egg/rock there and the Lati@s will appear. Repeat the strategy listed in the Capturing Latios or Latias guide to catch them again on Southern Island.


Jirachi can only be obtained through the use of the bonus disc that comes with Pokemon Colosseum when you pre-order it or through cheating. You can also buy the disc from some stores or a friend. Then just transfer the Jirachi to your game.

Deoxys and Its 3 Forms

Deoxys is a genderless, Psychic type Pokemon that cannot breed and has 3 different forms(Offensive, Defensive, and Balanced) which will be explained later on. Right now in the U.S.A., Deoxys can only be obtained through using a cheating device. Until Pokemon versions FireRed(FR) and LeafGreen(LG) is released in America (or if NoA holds a special event before the release), that is the ONLY way to obtain Deoxys. Anything you heard, ranging from capturing all 200 Pokemon, getting 5 Trainer Stars, to flying to the moon, is a rumor and a lie.

In FR/LG, you can get Deoxys through the use of an Aurora Ticket to reach Island 9, which is what people are calling the island until an English name is given. The Aurora Ticket was given out through an Nintendo event, which will probably also take place in America once Fr/LG is released. You can still also just use cheats to get Deoxys like most people.

For those of you who own Deoxys in Ruby/Sapphire, you might've noticed you can only have the R/S form (Balanced) of Deoxys and not the other 2 forms. That is because Deoxys' looks, icons, and stats change depending on which version it is in. So if you traded the Deoxys you own in R/S to a FR/LG cartridge, it would change forms depending on which version it is traded into. Deoxys has more offensive stats in FR and more defensive stats in LG. It's stats are more balanced in R/S.

Here is Deoxys' base stats for all three forms. I ahve also listed for each stat's maximum with a personality, in order from left to right, that decreases it by 10%, does nothing to it, and increases it by 10%.

Ruby/Sapphire Base Stats
HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
Attack: 150(359, 399, 438)
Defense: 50(179, 199, 218
Speed: 150(359, 399, 438)
Special Attack: 150(359, 399, 438)
Special Defense: 50(179, 199, 218

Fire Red Base Stats
HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
Attack: 180(413, 459, 504)
Def: 20(129, 135, 152)
Speed: 150(359, 399, 438)
Special Attack: 180(413, 459, 504)
Special Defense: 20(129, 135, 152)

Leaf Green Base Stats
HP: 50(304, 304, 304)
Attack: 70(215, 239, 252)
Defense: 160(377, 419, 460)
Speed: 90(251, 279, 306)
Special Attack: 70(215, 239, 252)
Special Defense: 160(377, 419, 460)

Just like how Deoxys' stats and looks change from version to version, what it can learn also changes. But it's ability, Pressure, stays the same throughout all of it's forms. Here is what it learns from leveling up, using TMs/HMs (these are from RS as I am not sure what the TMs/HMs in FR/LG are), and through the use of the Move Tutor from FRLG.

Ruby/Sapphire Level Up Attacks
Level 5: Night Shade
Level 10: Teleport
Level 15: Knock Off
Level 20: Pursuit
Level 25: Psychic
Level 30: Snatch
Level 35: Cosmic Power
Level 40: Recover
Level 45: Psycho Boost
Level 50: Hyper Bea,

Fire Red Level Up Attacks
Level 5: Night Shade
Level 10: Teleport
Level 15: Taunt
Level 20: Pursuit
Level 25: Psychic
Level 30: Superpower
Level 35: Cosmic Power
Level 40: Zap Cannon
Level 45: Psycho Boost
Level 50: Hyper Beam

Leaf Green Level Up Attacks
Level 5: Night Shade
Level 10: Teleport
Level 15: Knock Off
Level 20: Spikes
Level 25: Psychic
Level 30: Snatch
Level 35: Iron Defense Amnesia
Level 40: Recover
Level 45: Psycho Boost
Level 50: Counter and Mirror Coat

TMs/HMs Compatibility

TM 01, 03, 04, 06, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 48, 49
HM 01, 04, 05, 06

FR/LG Move Tutor Compatibility

Body Slam-Normal
Double Edge-Normal
Mega Punch-Normal
Mega Kick-Normal
Seismic Toss-Fighting
Dream Eater-Psychic
Rock Slide-Rock
Thunder Wave-Electric

Catching Feebas and Milotic

I highly recommend catching Feebas for these three reasons -

1) To complete the pokedex
2) For some bragging rights
3) To obtain a Milotic which is has great Special Attack and Special Defense, along with a great move pool.

What You Will Need

1) old/good/super rod [old is preferred as Feebas can be caught with it, but you don't have to waste time with other pokemon besides Magikarp and a few Tentacool. It can be obtained by a fisher in Dewford town. He stands near to the gym]
2) approximately 5 pokeballs [higher grades are not nessary for such a weak pokemon] as you will want to catch a few feebas.
3) a pokemon that knows surf [HM slave ^_^]
4) a pokemon that knows fly [not a must but after sitting in that water for so long i would think u would want to get out of there as quickly as possible]

Feebas is a rare little fish pokemon. How rare you ask??
Well let me see. It is obtainable in 6 tiles [sections of surfing water] out of approximately 400 tiles of surfing water on route 119.
Now thats something isn't it??
The feebas tiles are random and if you change the "Popular Phrase" in Dewford town the tile positions are RANDOMLY RESET[ie you can't take someone else's 'popular phrase' and try fishing where they got their feebas. It won't work.]

Now that you have what u need head up to the base of route 119. Do this by flying/walking to mauville and then surfing across the narrow stripe of water right of the gym.
Now you will be on route 119. This is a very long route [unfortunately] packed with sections of water [potential feebas grounds] along its length. I recommend you start form the first pond you come across. Start form one corner and work your way up. Fishing in each tile you move into.I recommend fishing 3 - 5 times in one tile as any less may allow our fishy friend to slip through and any more would be overkill.
Now all this sucks i must admit, but when u do find the feebas tile you will be pleasently surprised to find that they will appear with a 60-80% probability. Which is, in my opinion, fairly sweet.

Evolving Feebas

Well now that you have feebas you must be wondering - "I hate you Ice Demon. This thing is ugly!!"
Thats why we need to evolve it.

To evolve feebas you need to get its beauty rating to 170. To do this feed feebas blue/indigo pokeblocks. However you will only be able to feed Feebas 12 pokeblocks thats why these factors below are important -

1) personality of your feebas - The way a feebas responds to a pokeblock is determined by their personality. It is recommended that you use either one of these personalities :Rash, Quiet, Modest[the best as it increases SpAtt and decreases Attack,which is an important quality for all milotic],and Mild. If you get a feebas with an Impish, Careful or Adamant[like anyone will want those personalities XD]don't bother.They hate dry blocks [which blue and indigo are] and so will require high grade berries to make their pokeblocks which is difficult.

2) The grade of pokeblock you use - level 11 blocks can be obtained from : Weaper, Lum, Oran, Chesto and Bluk berries [these are the lowest grades]
level 23 blocks can be obtained from :Wiki, Kelpsy, Hondew and Cornn berries [these are the best type of berries as they are more effective than lvl 11 berries but are easier to obtain than lvl 45 berries
level 45 blocks can be obtained from : Pamtre berries [the highest grade berry]

Berry types A and B can be found throughout Hoenn. However a popular destionation for most trainers is the "berry masters house"
To get there surf down from mount Pyre and you will be in route 23. Follow the route and you should eventually reach the berry masters house. Or you can surf right from mauville but instead of walking up through route 119 go straight and you will reach his house.
The berry master gives you berries. To obtain the berry u want save before you talk to him. Keep restarting and talking to him until you get the berries you want.

PS to get pokeblocks you need a pokeblock case which can be obtained from a little girl in Slateport City in the Contest Center there.
To blend berries go to anyone of the Contest centers and blend with the old man on the side of the screen.

Feed Feebas the 12 pokeblocks and lvl him up. You should now be a a proud owner of a milotic.
Come post your milotic movesets at the GB Strategy Section and get any help with Egg moves at the Breeders corner.

Two New Unowns

There are two new Unowns in Ruby and Sapphire, ! and ?.


They cannot be obtained unless you trade with Fire Red or Leaf Green, like all of the other Unowns.

Berries and Pokeblocks

The following chart shows is what kind of pokeblock you will get when mixing berries with Mister, Laddie, and Lassie in Lilycove city. I suggest that unless you have three freinds, you use this one as it will give you the best results. This will be usefull if you are like me and are trying to get a master class ribbon in each contest, or if you are trying to get a Golbat to like you so it will evolve. Or if you are trying to evolve feebas into milotic.
Guide on what falvour each nature likes MIGHT be comming later.
Note: This chart does not yet include the berries that have effects in battle.

For staters here is what each flavour represents (colour and condition it increases (smart, cool, ect.))

Spicy - red - cool
Dry - blue - beauty
Sweet - pink -cute
Bitter - green - smart
Sour - yellow - tough

That is all the flavours. Now for the chart. Remember, high lvl and low feel is best. The berries are in order of their number starting at #16 (razz).


Razz______-spicy -bitter________12___19
Bluk______-dry -sour___________11___19
Nanab____-spicy -sweet________12___19
Wepear___-dry -bitter__________11___19
Pinap_____-sweet -sour________11___19
Pomeg____-spicy -bitter________23___19
Kelpsy____-dry -sour___________23___19
Qualot____-spicy -sweet________23___19
Hondew___-dry -bitter__________23___19
Greppa____-sweet -sour_________23___19
Tomato___-spicy -bitter_________24___22
Cornn_____-dry -sour___________24___22
Magost____-spicy -sweet________25___22
Rabuta____-Dry -Bitter__________25___22
Nomel_____-sweet -sour_________24___22

If you want to know wich colour (flavour) your pokemon likes best, go to mosdeep and enter the house directly above (north) of the pokemon center. If your pokemon likes that colour/flavour, they can eat more pokeblocks.

Hidden Power

Hidden Power(HP)'s attack power and ability/type varies depending a Pokemon's IV/DV values. The highest attack power Hidden Power can have is 70. Whenever someone types HP (Type), it means Hidden Power with an attack type of whatever is mentioned.
E.G. HP Rock means Hidden Power with Rock type damage.

A Pokemon's Hidden Power Type cannot be changed one you capture/hatch it, unless you use cheats or you are playing Netbattle which allows you to change it's Type easily.

IV/DV values are permanently set (unless you cheat,etc) whenever you capture/hatch a Pokemon. IV/DV values help a Pokemon's stats by adding one point for each value to the stat it corresponds to.

E.G.: If you have a Defense of 100 and a IV/DV Value of 28 for Defense, it would add 28 additional points to Defense making it 128.

Here I have listed for those of you who can change a Pokemon's IV/DV values. There are many combinations, but you would probably want the best combinations. Each one of these is for an attack power of 70 for all types.

1. Make all of the values 30
2. Make HP value 31, all the rest 30
3. Make Attack 31, all the rest 30
4. Make HP and Attack 31, all the rest 30
5. Make Defense 31, all the rest 30

1. Make HP and Defense 31, all the rest 30
2. Make Attack and Defense 31, all the rest 30
3. Make HP, Attack, and Defense 31, all the rest 30
4. Make Speed 31, all the rest 30

1. Make HP and Speed 31, all the rest 30
2. Make Attack and Speed 31, all the rest 30
3. Make HP, Attack, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
4. Make Defense and Speed 31, all the rest 30

1. Make HP, Defense, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
2. Make Attack, Defense and Speed 31, all the rest 30
3. Make HP, Attack, Defense, and Speed 31, all the rest 30
4. Make Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

1. Make HP and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
2. Make Attack and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
3. Make HP, Attack, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
4. Make Defense and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

1. Make HP, Defense, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
2. Make Attack, Special Attack, and Defense 31, all the rest 30
3. Make Hp, Attack, Defense, and SPecial Attack 31, all the rest 30
4. Make Speed and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30
5. Make HP, Speed, and Special Attack 31, all the rest 30

1. Make Attack, Speed, and Special Attack 31, the rest 30
2. Make HP, Attack, Speed, Special Attack 31, the rest 30
3. Make Defense, Speed, SApecial Attack 31, the rest 30
4. Make HP, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, the rest 30

1. Make Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Attack, the rest 30
2. Make all 31 except Special Defense 30
3. Make Special Defense 31, the rest 30
4. Make HP and Special Defense 31, the rest 30

1. Make Attack and Special Defense 31, the rest 30
2. Make HP, Attack, Special Defense 31, the rest 30
3. Make Defense and Special Defense 31, the rest 30
4. Make HP, Defense, and Special Defense 31, the rest 30

1. Make Attack, Defense, Special Defense, the rest 30
2. Make Hp, Attack, Defense, Special Defense, the rest 30
3. Make Speed and Special Defense, the rest 30
4. Make HP, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30

1. Make Attack. Speed Special Defense, the rest 30
2. Make HP, Attack, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30
3. Make Defense, Speed Special Defense, the rest 30
4. Make Hp, Defense, Speed, and Special Defense, the rest 30
5. Make Attack, Defense, Speed, Special Defense, the rest 30

1. Make all 31 except Special Attack
2. Make Special Attack and Special Defense, the rest 30
3. Make HP, Special Attack and Special Defense, the rest 30
4. Make Attack, Special Defense, Special Attack, the rest 30

1. Make HP, Attack, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
2. Make Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
3. Make Hp, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
4. Make Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30

1. Make all 31 except Speed 30
2. Make Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
3. Make HP, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30
4. Make Attack, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defense, the rest 30

1. Make all 31, leave Defense 30
2. Make Defense, Speed, Special Defense, Special Attack, the rest 30
3. Make all 31, leave Attack 30
4. Make all 31, leave HP 30

1 and only. Make all 31.

Effort Values (EV) and Natures/Personalities

Effort Values

Effort Values (EV[s]) is another thing that affects stats. Whenever you battle a Pokemon and defeat it, you get a point (or more) of EVs to the stat that point of EVs sorresponds to. Every 4 points of EVs you gain ofr a stat adds one additional point to that stat (4 Attack EVs=1 Attack Point).

For each stat (HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and Speed), only a max of 255 EVs can be earned for each stat. And only a maximum of 510 EVs can be earned for a single Pokemon. So choose your EVs carefully.

Macho Brace is an item that doubles the amount of EVs you earn each battle (Earning 1 point of EVs is now 2 points instead). So if you want to speed up your EV training, go ahead and use Macho Brace.

Here is a short list of easily found Pokemon in the wild which you can battle for EVs. Next to each Pokemon is a number which tells how many EVs you earn for battling that Pokemon. There are other Pokemon you can battle for EVs as well but I'm only listing the ones you can easily find in the wild or a lot of trainers in-game have(excluding Elite Four).

Hit Point EVs: Marill(2), Whiscash(2), Wurmple(1), Shroomish(1), Wynaut(1), Whismur(1)
*Rusturf Tunnel has nothing but Whismur, making it an ideal spot to train for HP EVs

Attack EVs: Mightyena(2), Sharpedo(2), Solrock(2), Baltoy(2), Poochyena(1), Goldeen(1), Machop(1), Carvanha(1), Shuppet(1)
*In Sapphire, some floors of Mt.Pyre has nothing but Shuppets, making it an ideal spot to train for Attack EVs
*no ideal spots available for Ruby

Defense EVs: Silcoon(2), Cascoon(2), Lairon(2), Seedot(1), Nincada(1), Sandshrew(1), Clamperl(1)
*no ideal spots available for both versions, as anywhere with Pokemon that gives defense EV is never the most common Pokemon available in that area

Speed EVs: Linoone(2), Zigzagoon(1), Tailow(1), Wingull(1), Magikarp(1), Zubat(1), Meditite(1), Electrike(1)
*the Underwater Cavern has nothing but Zubats and Golbats, making it an ideal place to train for speed EVs

Special Attack EVs: Magnemite(1), Oddish(1), Numel(1), Spinda(1)
*battling Spinda is by far the easiest way to earn Sp.Attack EVs. Though that route also has some Skarmorys (defense EV) and Sandshrew (defense EV), Spinda is very common and Sp.attack is still easy to find

Special Defense EVs: Lombre(2), Tentacruel(2), Lotad(1), Tentacool(1), Swablu(1), Kecleon(1)
*inside the Abandoned ship has nothing but tentacool and tentacruel, making it quite an ideal spot to train. However, battles aren't so frequent there, so you may want to stick with Swablu

Keep in mind that there are Pokemon which have more than one type of EVs (although none of them were listed above far as my knowledge goes).

Personalities/Natures (interchangable terms)

Personalities also affect a Pokemon's stats by 10% or not affect them at all. They increase one stat by 10% while decreasing another stat by 10%. There are 5 certain personalities that do not affect stats in anyway.

Here is a list of all the personalities and what they increase/decrease or do nothing. The first stat is the one increased by 10%, the second is the one decreased by 10%.

Hardy: Nothing
Brave: [+Attack/-Speed]
Adamant: [+Attack/-Special Attack]
Naughty: [+Attack/-Special Defense]

Docile: Nothing
Relaxed: [+Defense/-Speed]
Impish: [+Defense/-Special Attack]
Lax: [+Defense/-Special Defense]
Bold: [+Defense/-Attack]

Serious: Nothing
Timid: [+Speed/-Attack]
Hasty: [+Speed/-Defense]
Jolly: [+Speed/-Special Attack]
Naive: [+Speed/-Special Defense]

Bashful: Nothing
Modest: [+Special Attack/-Attack]
Mild: [+Special Attack/-Defense]
Quiet: [+Special Attack/-Speed]
Rash: [+Special Attack/-Special Defense]

Quirky: Nothing
Calm: [+Special Defense/-Attack]
Gentle: [+Special Defense/-Defense]
Sassy: [+Special Defense/-Speed]
Cherful: [+Special Defense/-Special Attack]

Pokemon Cheat Creator- Ruby/Sapphire


(note: haven't been double checked by PC members if it generates usable codes yet)

Breeding Guide (written with help from guides at gamefaqs.com)

So, you want to breed a Pokemon, give it a move that it doesn't learn by levelling up or TMs, or just want to increase your Pokedex? Well, look no further, this one stop guide will attempt to explain all.

Catching suggestions.
First thing I'd recommend for anyone who wants to get a more varied moveset for a Pokemon, is to catch a female of that Pokemon. Female Pokemon determine the type of Pokemon that is bred. So, if you want to breed an Igglybuff, for example, catching a female Jigglypuff will mean any egg bred with this female, will eventually be an Igglybuff. If you want a specific type of Pokemon with more varied moves, catch a female.

Does that mean males are useless? No. Males are just as important as females, and here's why. The female determines the Pokemon type, but the males govern which moves are actually passed down to the Pokemon. So if you want to breed Drill Peck onto a Skarmory, for example, you would need to have a male with the move Drill Peck, not necessarily a Skarmory, but something in the same egg group (I'll explain egg groups further down the guide) as Skarmory. Breed that Pokemon with a female Skarmory, and voila! The baby Skarmory will be born with Drill Peck. If you know a Pokemon has a certain move, and you want to give that move to a similar Pokemon which doesn't learn it naturally, catch a male of that species.

Advantages of breeding.
Breeding moves onto a Pokemon has several advantages. First of all, you can gain more varieties of moves for the Pokemon, increasing the options of it's movesets, and often making your Pokemon more difficult to counter. Second of all, while levelling up, you can have more powerful moves than it's level would normally allow, meaning a Pokemon will be slightly easier to raise.

Disadvantages of breeding
Well, not many at all. It will take time to level up the Pokemon, as well as the parents if you are after specific moves which are learned at higher levels than they were caught at. Certain Pokemon cannot breed at all, the legendary Pokemon. Some are limited to only breeding with Ditto. Eevee are always male, so they are limited. Not every move is possible to breed over, only those in the egg moves list for each Pokemon is possible to breed.

Overall, breeding is worth the time and effort you spend to raise the Pokemon.

Egg Groups.
The Pokemon are split into egg groups, which means that they can only breed with those Pokemon in the same egg group. Most individual Pokemon exist in two groups. For example, Abra and their evolutions belong to the Human-Shaped Pokemon Egg Group, which means they can breed with other Pokemon in the Human-Shaped Egg Group, and only those Pokemon.
Egg Groups names:
Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Field, Flying, Human Shaped, Monster, No Egg, Plant, Stone, Unidentifiable, Water A, Water B, Water C

TMs and breeding.
Now, in your game, you will usually pick up 1 TM of each type (1 to 50), except for those that you can buy. Just purchase as many of those as you think you'll need. For the rest of TMs, you are given or find one of each type only per game. Did you know, that by breeding, you can pass on TMs from one Pokemon to another? Yes! That way, you can make your TM last, and if you want two or more Pokemon using the same TM, then it is actually possible (but it may take several breeding events to actually pass the TMs along. This is called a breeding chain). Because most Pokemon exist in two egg groups, it is usually possible to breed a TM from a very different type to it's own, by following a breeding chain.

Abilities and Breeding
Each Pokemon also has a special ability, like Early Bird and Color Change. This does not change between breeding types, and as such you cannot breed an ability from one Pokemon to another. So, no you can't have a Sableye with Wonder Guard (immune to all attacks except indirect attacks), for example.

Nature and breeding
Each Pokemon has a nature, which affects it's statistics. A nature increases one stat by 10%, while reducing another by 10%. Natures are not passed on by breeding, and are completely random. So, it is not possible to breed directly a nature from one Pokemon to another. If you want a baby Pokemon with a specific nature, you'll have to keep breeding and hope it gets the one you want. It's a time consuming process, but it may be worth the extra effort.

IVs and breeding.
The Individual Values of the parents actually influence the IVs of the child, to some degree. 3 of the 6 stats are based on the parent's IVs, the rest are chosen at random. So, for example, a male Volbeat may give it's HP and Sp Attack IV, and a female Illumise could give it's Speed IV. Each parent will contribute at least one IV, though.

Sometimes, the same IV value is chosen, meaning only 2 IVs from the parents influence the child. This only happens however, if the IV value is the same on both parents. If the Volbeat and Illumise both had 14 IV in Attack, and both of their Attack stats were chosen, then the child will have 14 IV in Attack. One other stat is chosen from the parents, not two others (cos 2 of the 3 slots are taken from the Attack value of both parents).

If you are lucky to get a Pokemon with 31 IV (the highest obtainable) in one stat, you can potentially breed children with 31 IV in the same stat. Yes, that means after a lot of breeding (and a whole load of good luck!), it is possible to breed a child with 31 IV in 3 of it's 6 stats. Good luck :-)

Azurill and Wynaut
Azurill and Wynaut are special cases when it comes to breeding. They do not appear when a Marill or Azumarill, or Wobbuffet parent, is bred normally.

How do I get one, I hear you ask? Well, it's not actually too hard. To get an Azurill child, one of the parents must be holding the Sea Incense item. Otherwise, a Marill will be the child. To get a Wynaut child, one of the parents must be holding the Lax Incense item, else you will just breed a baby Wobbuffet.

Breeding chains and Egg Groups information.
I would recommend you read through the guide at GameFaqs.com Breeding Guide

This guide is just a quick summary for those new to breeding, for more detailed explanations, please read the guide on GameFaqs. (Plus, I'm too lazy to copy/paste all the egg groups and breeding chains, and I'd get in trouble if did that anyway).


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